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At Old Havana online head shop we understand that keeping our products as cheap as possible is crucial. We strive to bring our customers the very best head shop products at the lowest prices and we have been doing this for a long period of time. Our online head shop is purely online and has secure payment options, discreet packaging and discreet billing. We keep all orders placed with our online head shop completely confidential and ensure all orders are delivered promptly and include tracking so the customer knows exactly where there order is. Our UK customers can benefit from next day delivery while other countries get tracked shipments at the cheapest rates (compared to other popular online head shops). Within our shop you will find items such as glass pipes, smoking accessories, gift sets, vaporizers and hookah pipes. You will find everything expected within our online head shop and if you think we are missing something, simply message us and we will get it in stock!

Water Bong

tall bongsAlong with our huge range of online head shop accessories we stock the popular water bong which is a pipe used for smoking. These water bongs are without a doubt the best method of smoking and there isn’t an online head shop around that wouldn’t stock one of these beauties. You will notice a huge difference in the smoothness of your smoke after it passes through a water bong, when compared to smoking a roll up you will never look back! We also include other types of pipes that use water such as bubblers and hookah pipes, so be sure to take a good look around. At the time of writing this we have over four hundred water bongs and bong accessories! It can take a long time to look through them all so if you aren’t the type of smoker that likes to spend ages browsing be sure to use the filters on the left hand side of the water bong category page!

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You can buy Water Bongs here

Now the best bong you can buy is hands down the glass water bong. Our online head shop has hundreds of these best glass bongs for sale and we continue to grow our selection by adding new products every week. For more bongs check out, they have a gorgeous collection of glass bongs and pipes. Within our water bongs section you will see some really cool modifications such as precoolers and custom bong bowls, be aware that these come in different sizes so if you aren’t looking to buy a water bong you may want to measure your current one. All of our products include sizes in the description but feel free to contact us for more advise and clarification.

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